BIBI Trailer

This story is about Bibi, an adventurous little girl full of ideas.
 She always wants to grow up, explore and go places. 
Her curiosity always gets her into different stories.


Title:    Bibi
Running Time:    6 min 37 sec
Technique:    3D Animation
Year of Production:    January, 2005
Project Duration:    About 1 year
Directed and Produced by:    Lola & Bek
Music by:    Nicki and Anton Denner
Software Used:    Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

Our movie was officially selected to more than forty film festivals worldwide including “ShortShorts” film festival in Tokyo.

This is our first short 3D animated movie. Textures have been executed by hand. Story board, character development, modeling, textures, lighting, sound effects and composing are done by Lola & Bek (i.e, us). 
Our goal was to blend the achievements of modern 3D modeling and animation with
 the ambiance of fine art.

We think that being educated in fine art was a significant asset that helped 
and guided us during the entire process of this project.